Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will Justice be Served?

On Monday, February 9th, I went to the police department in the town that this "guy" lives, (and I use that term because the only other options are expletives,) and filed a complaint for animal neglect. The officer that I spoke with was very nice to talk to and seemed very concerned about the situation, especially after he saw the pictures of her condition. I wrote a formal complaint while the officers discussed the situation. They chose to send two officers to Faith's previous "home", but unfortunately they chose to call 'Guy' first before they left. 'Guy' had at least an hour's headstart.

They showed up and surprise, surprise... All water buckets were clean and full to the top and the horses had hay! When I was there a week before picking up Faith, there wasn't any hay to be found and not an unfrozen water bucket in sight. The officers checked out the other horses and took pictures of their conditions. They were all in OK condition, nothing to be alarmed about, and certainly nothing similar to Faith. I was relieved to hear that.

I was then informed that it is up to the Chief of Police to determine if he will press charges. I received a message from the Chief stating that he wanted a vet tech from the state's vet office to come and evaluate the horse first. That appointment was today at noon. Two techs checked out Faith's condition and both agreed she was in rough shape. However, they said that since the mare was removed from the property before the state vet's office could look at her, there is nothing that the state vet's office can do to help. Thankfully, they will be making frequent stops at his barn to check on the other horses.

Unfortunately the animal cruelty laws in our state are so lax that it is difficult to prosecute, and the police department does not want to waste time fighting cases they do not believe they will win. We are fairly certain that the Chief of Police will choose not to press charges against Faith's former owner. Again, they haven't made any sort of final decision on it yet, but the outlook doesn't look promising.

It's a shame. Faith has been through hell and justice would be served if he had to pay for what he did. I believe that he'll get what he deserves one way or another.



  1. Well none the less you tried and you made a difference to Faith. I would think this "guy" will at least be watched.

  2. You did save Faith and hopefully this "guy" will be watched.
    Since there is rarely justice from the legal system, we have to believe in Cosmic Justice. I do believe that at some point he shall receive his justice.

  3. He will. I like to think there is a special thorny hot place in hell for animal abusers.

    Regardless of what happens to this schmuck, you have changed the life of one sweet horse, and hopefully prevented any other horses from suffering by his hand.

    I had a mare who had Suspensory damage the same as her. I had to put her down at 6 yrs old after a long battle. I never rode her, but she was probably the most special horse I ever owned.

    I researched every aspect of the damage and the only things that worked for us were "Lakota Herbs Equine Supplement" or Arnica spray, frequent trimming and massage / chiropractor care. Lots of walking and DMSO when necessary.

    Its unlikely she will ever be sound enough to ride given the condition of those back pasterns.

    Pics of my mare, Zoe, at

    "major ice princess".. i think you can see her back feet in some of those pictures.

    Best of luck! I love following this story.