Monday, February 9, 2009

First Steps Towards Justice

Faith enjoying her breakfast...

Today was an important day for Faith. I received all of my paperwork from the veterinarians, typed it into a nice report, and took the first step to prosecute her previous owner: I went to the police department.

I spoke with an officer regarding the situation and he appeared concerned. Then I showed him the pictures... The look on his face was one of shock and disgust. He asked for details of the situation and I told him everything I knew. He discussed things with a few other officers, and then a small group of them packed up and went to directly to Faith's previous "home".

I unfortunately can't get into many details right now, as the situation is still unfolding. All I can say is that this "man" (and I use that term very, very loosely,) told the officers that he had RESCUED Faith two years ago from a bad situation. He attempted to convince them that she had a pre-existing physical ailment which prevented her from gaining weight. That's pretty funny, especially seeing how I have two reports from two different veterinarians stating that there are no issues with her body that would cause an inability to put weight on. Both claimed neglect as the reasoning behind her condition.

It is now up to the chief of police to determine whether or not they will proceed with charges against her previous owner. Please keep your fingers crossed that he will be prosecuted for what he has done.

Now onto happier news!

This morning Faith was eager for me to finish up with her bandaging and medicating so she could be turned out with Amy. They walked on either side of me out to the arena, anxious for the remainder of their breakfast.

Faith made the short trip from the barn to the arena at a quick pace, for her at least! She appears to grow more alert and curious (and impatient) every day. Her personality the first few days was zombie-like; now she's happily transforming into the funny, cranky mare we knew she'd be! Also, she is definitely more stable on her legs than she has been in recent days, which is quite relieving.

She spent the afternoon with Amy while I drove an hour north to file the police report. When I got back, it was time for a good grooming and re-bandaging. Faith's human friend Margaret helped pull her wraps off while I got her medicine ready.

And of course, since Faith is "famous" now because she has her own blog, Margaret and Miranda just had to have their pictures taken with her:

PS - A special "hello!" to everyone in Margaret's math class!



  1. So glad to hear the progress reports! Trotting - woohoo!!

  2. That last picture is so cute! Good luck to you she is proof we need better animal protection laws!

  3. Just a though is there anyone we can contact at the police department to voice concerns? If you have never had or been exposed to horses (chief of police) he most likely doesn't know how serious this situation is or the requirements of properly maintaining horses. It's really too bad that animal welfare takes such a back set in our legal system.

    If Faith were a child and there were other children in the home do you think it would be dismissed because food is in the home now and the other kids look okay.

  4. SO glad to hear shes doing good! Ive got this blog bookmarked and check it everyday!