Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keep on Pushing...

Faith seems fairly lethargic today, more than usual, but thankfully she hasn't collapsed again. Her hind legs still have a significant amount of pitted edema, but not nearly as much as she did when she first arrived.

I spoke with Dr. Barnes yesterday regarding her collapsing episode. He is leaning more towards the Selenium/Vitamin E deficiencies than EPM, which was good to hear. But he also mentioned that due to her condition and the random collapse, that a heart problem and/or Cushings may be to blame.

For now we're going to wait and see what the tests say. We should have the results within 4-5 days. If they come back negative we'll look into Cushings and have an EKG done.

I'm hoping we're over the worst now, but only time will tell. Her spirits still seem positive, so hopefully she'll keep on pushing through these roadblocks.

Thank you for everyone who follows this blog and supports us! It's so relieving to know that people care!



  1. Faith is in my thoughts. I hope it's nothing terribly serious - poor girl has been through enough!

  2. Checking in again, glad that she's stable. We're all praying that she pulls through.

    You are doing a wonderful thing.

  3. I too am checking several times a day to see what's going on. I have a good feeling (even when the news is not very positive) that Faith is going to make it. The fact that she is ticked about empty pockets indicates an interest in living to see another day (and another set of full pockets ;o)

    I looked at the first pictures of Huey when I adoptd him (long mane, covered with Corona because of all the scrapes on his hide, and WAY underweight) and while he wasn't particulary enamored of ME (or anyone, for that matter), he DID like those carrots and I made sure I had plenty of them when I went to see him every day.

    Prayers to you and Faith and I KNOW you have a good team of supporters (feed, veterinary, dental, farrier) to help you both.