Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Faith's Online Visitors

Since beginning Faith's site a little two weeks ago, we have had over 4,000 hits! These hits are from all over the United States and worldwide! (The dots represent the last 100 visitors to this site!)

We receive daily hits from quite a few places in the US:
Ruston, LA
Brooklyn, NY
Memphis, TN
Mystic, CT
Seattle, WA
Socorro, NM
Dodge City, KS
Rainsville, AL
Jackson, Miss.
Washington DC

We also receive nearly-daily hits from:
Kerpen, Germany
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Roblin, Canada
Winnipeg, Canada
Burnaby, BC
London, England
Manchester, England
Etampes, France
Lausanne, Switzerland
Kristianstad, Sweden
Burpengary, Australia
Perth, Australia
Hobart, Australia

Not to mention the countless visits that we have received from our home state of New Hampshire, and surrounding states Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont!

Are you on the above list? If so, please click on "comments" below and let us know how often you visit!

Not listed on the above list? Please comment and let us know where you're from!



  1. I'm from metro Detroit, Michigan, and I think I visit about daily. I'm so glad that you rescued this mare and are taking the time to bring her back. I hear about so much animal cruelty in the world, but you serve as a great reminder that there are good people out there.

  2. Watching from MA every day, hoping for more good updates of Faith's progress! Keep up the great work :)

  3. From Sage (Hemet) California, nearly daily. Your site has been a ray of hope, a reminder that one person can make a difference. Thank you.


  4. From Portland Maine visit almost daily - keep up the good work!

  5. Seattle here, or at least one of them (there are lots of FHOTD people reading this, and lots of FHOTD people in the Seattle area). This blog is my daily reminder that good things can and do happen.

  6. Almost daily. I am in Melbourne, Australia. Hoping for a happy ending. Find the contribution of people towards Faith's recovery to be heart warming.

  7. Hey, I am in Logan Utah and I have been following your blog since you had Faith for five days, just after her colic episode, I think. You are doing a great job with her!

  8. From New South Wales Australia, found the blog yesterday, will be visiting daily.

  9. Hey, I from Hellevoetsluis, Holland and found this blog a few days ago. Since then, I've been visiting daily

  10. Just found you and Faith today, but you can bet I'll be following close to daily from now on!
    (Sumner, WA, USA)

  11. South Korea (I am teaching here but am actually from Canada). You mentioned me! I visit the blog daily after reading the Fugly blog. You are doing such a great job with Faith. Your story really touched my heart. Keep up the good work.

  12. Following every day from your New England neighbor to the south - Rhode Island. Wishing you and Faith all the best!

  13. My ISP reports my location as Socorro, NM, but I am actually a little south -- on the edge of the middle of nowhere.

    You have done an awesome job so far, this mare is incredibly lucky. Kudos to you!

  14. I am from Québec, Canada and I will visit daily now that I have found this site. I have also rescued a filly, that was untrained, untrimmed, absolutely had no respect for humans and was about 150 lbs underweight. Today, a year later, she is a beautiful 3 year old, saddle trained and as sound as could be. I trim her hooves myself in the natural wild horse trim. She is a very happy camper!

  15. I promise to keep you and Faith in my thoughts and prayers. The entire event as a person that is loved by a horse just made me cry. I am not sure if I am more angry at what was done to her or happy that you saved this horse. God Bless you and Dan for saving her.
    Keene NH

  16. February 27,2009 11:30 pm
    First time visit,will visit almost Daily,Thank God for people like you folks,our
    prayers are with Both of you and Faith,Keep up the Great work.God Bless you and Dan For Saving Her.
    Franklin N.H.

  17. Just started reading! reading all the old blogs and the new ones :)
    Hamilton, Ohio, but currently in Midway, Kentucky.

    Good luck to you guys! and keep up the excellent work :) Give the old gal a pat for me :)
    -Sam Davis

  18. I absolutely cannot believe the difference in this mare... unreal. You are angels for saving her and I have cried a dozen times reading this blog...

    You made it onto Fugly horse of the Day's "Feature friday rescue page"!!!

    ill be reading daily from Ontario Canada

    Thank you for reminding me there are still good people in the world! Im going to hug my fat happy gelding and tell him you've saved such a beautiful mare...