Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homework Assignment!

We are looking for information on Faith's history, and all of my leads have turned up dry. I'm hoping that perhaps one of you may know this horse and can help us find out about her past!

What we know about her:
=> approximately 17 years old
=> 16.2 - 16.3 hands tall
=> solid bay with absolutely no white markings

=> front left hoof is clubbed

=> no tattoo
=> her prior name was "Capri"

What we were told from her previous owner (and therefore do not neccessarily believe):

=> She is a Trakehner. She very well may be, however she might be a TB, Standardbred, or another type of warmblood. It's hard to determine what breed she may be as she's still a walking skeleton - once she fills out we'll have a better idea, but that will take months.

=> She came from a farm in Vermont two years ago. I was originally told that her owner had her for 2-3 months and his daughter confirmed it recently; he told the police that he "rescued" her two years ago from a farm in Vermont. Again, I'm not buying it. But hey, if it helps us find out her past then we'll use it!

=> She may have been owned by a man named "Roger Eatman" or "Roger Eastman". (Not sure of the spelling.)

I am fairly certain that Faith did not travel far when her prior owner purchased her. If she actually came from Vermont, I'd be shocked - I would be willing to bet that she came from somewhere in New Hampshire. But prior to that, she may have come from out of state.

Any information we can get on her would be great!

If you find any ads that fit her description and were posted over the last 2 months to 2 years, please email me the link and I will contact the person listed. You can email me directly at:



  1. Have you tried posting her on Might help..

  2. Does she have a Trakehner brand? It may be very faint and hard to see, even after she sheds out.
    Have you searched through the ATA website for mares of her description, age and area, or emailed the ATA registrar? From my experience, they were really helpful--they got back to me within a couple days with very detailed answers to my questions and some good suggestions, even though I'm not a breeder, a professional or even a member. You may get some clues, like mares who's registrations disappeared from the radar during a certain time frame...hope this helps!

  3. Does she have a Trakehner brand? It may be really faint, hard to see even after she sheds out.
    The ATA may be able to help. They have a good website where you could search horses with Faith's description, year of birth and area.
    I once emailed their registrar with some questions and they were really helpful to me--got back to me within a couple days with detailed answers to my questions and some suggestions, and I'm not even a member, just a non-pro owner.
    Hope this helps, good luck!