Friday, February 27, 2009

What a week it has been!

This week has been extremely busy - I have so many updates for all of you! And I apologize in advance if I have not responded to your emails yet – my inbox is overflowing! I will answer every one as soon as I can – I promise!

A quick update on Faith…

Faith is doing well! She has been making forward progress since her incident last Friday and is doing much better! Her attitude is improving, and getting more and more mare-ish as the days go on! The important thing is that her will to live is growing stronger with each day. She’s a fighter and I’m so very proud of her accomplishments thus far!

The legal side of things…

We received word today that the police department has not yet closed the case on Faith’s former owner! More to follow when it can be published publicly. Keep those fingers crossed!

Onto our hectic schedule…

Last Friday, Faith and I met with Kimberley Pietz, a reporter from the Union Leader. She had read the article in the Derry News and wanted to expand on the story more and place it into a paper with a greater circulation. She published the article in yesterday’s paper. Below is the link to the article as well as the link to the youtube video.

On Wednesday, I received a call from WMUR Channel 9 – they heard about Faith’s story and wanted to do a segment about her! Heather Hamel, a well-known and very popular reporter, showed up with a cameraman around 1:30pm. They interviewed us and learned more about Faith’s story. Faith didn’t have much to say, but she sure knows how to pose for the camera! Attorney Patricia Morris came to offer her insight onto the animal abuse epidemic we’re seeing more frequently in the state and was also featured in the segment. Thanks Trish for all of your continued support and help!

The TV crew came back at 5:30 that night to do a live shot from inside the barn. The story broke shortly after 6:00pm on Channel 9, and because I was in the barn with the camera crew filming the live shot, I couldn’t watch it live! I had to tape the segment on my TV and watch it after it aired. Within seconds of it ending, I received over 50 text messages from my students and clients, as well as phone calls from my parents and friends. Unfortunately, I left my phone on vibrate, and it literally sat on top of my tack trunk vibrating non stop for ten minutes as the calls and texts came in! My battery died before I was finished putting Faith away.

The aired segment was perfect! It fulfilled the goal that I hoped Faith’s rescue and rehabilitation would serve – bringing publicity to the recent epidemic of animal abuse and neglect. And it has worked! The outpouring of support across our community has been incredible. Just yesterday, a lady came to meet Faith. She brought a bag of carrots for Faith and told me that she made a donation of $250 in Faith’s name to a local dog shelter. The publicity from one horse’s story IS making a difference!

Today I received a letter in the mail. It read:

“Dear Faith,
I am so sorry for all you have suffered. I pray that you are no longer in pain and that you are healing and growing stronger every day.
God bless your new parents, Julie and Dan, for rescuing you.
With love and prayers,
Cheryl G.”

Here's how YOU can make a difference…

Please help us in achieving our goal of bringing as much publicity to the widespread occurrences of animal abuse and neglect. As I have said from the beginning, this is not about Faith - this is about all animals that have to endure these types of situations. Please reach out and help someone who needs education or assistance in caring for their animals. Please report cruelty immediately. Please make a stand.

For those that might have animals in trouble, there are people willing to help. There are many resources out there including the Department of Agriculture, SPCAs, state veterinarians, local veterinarians, and police departments. If you need help, all you need to do is ask. The equine community, as well as the animal community as a whole, has proven time and again to come together and support each other.



  1. One step at a time, for Faith to grow stronger each step she takes, for us as a community to grow stronger and help those that can not speak for themselves. May the story of Faith help so many other animals. Good job Julie!

  2. It is so wonderful that Faith's story is getting so much press, I hope it continues to gain momentum. Kudos to you for going above and beyond! You and Faith are in my prayers!

  3. It's wonderful that Faith's story is getting so much press, I hope it continues to gain momentum. Kudos to you for going above and beyond, what an inspiration the both of you are. You and Faith are in my prayers!

  4. Let's keep the momentum UP! Starving and neglected horses everywhere can only benefit from the education that Faith's story is providing! Hooves Crossed!!

  5. Where is Kimberley Pietz's article and video?