Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Week Ago

One week ago all hell broke loose.
One week ago, a horse had no food, no water, no shelter.
One week ago, she was standing on a sheet of ice, surrounded by a barbed wire fence.
One week ago, a nylon halter was cutting into her nose.
One week ago, she was in rough shape, no muscles under her skin, no fat on her bones.
One week ago, she had untreated wounds oozing down her legs.
One week ago, no one loved her, no one even cared.
One week ago, she was on her way out.
One week makes a hell of a big difference.

During the past week, she has always had hay and water in front of her.
During the past week, she has had a warm blanket on her back, a roof over her head.
During the past week, she has had deep, soft shavings under her feet at night, and soft sand under her feet during the day.
During the past week, she has overcome struggles.
During the past week, she has felt love, she has felt companionship.
Because of the past week, she will survive and have a new start to her life.

One week ago, I fell in love with an horse who hadn't been loved in a very long time.
One week ago, I promised to help her through her recovery, every step of the way.
One week ago, I thought she wouldn't make it.
One week ago, I learned how a survivor struggled.
One week ago, I watched a fighter pulled through difficult times.
One week ago, I met a horse that would change my life.

What a difference a week makes.

Congratulations to Faith on making it through your first week of recovery! You're a fighter and I love you very much!



  1. That is beautiful. And more beautiful is that she is making such good progress.

  2. I am so happy that she is doing so well!

  3. Love your blog! Congrats on doing such a good job with her. Here's hoping she makes a full recovery!