Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Oral Medications Argument: Game On

I was prepared tonight. We argued about this twice a day, every day, but I wasn't going to let this fussy mare win again. It was the only argument we ever had - the oral medications argument, or "TOMA" as I will refer to it from now on. I concocted her twice daily paste of SMZs and bute, antibiotics and pain reliever. I had learned that I needed to increase her dosage, as there was a good chance that she wouldn't ingest all of it. Tonight it would be different - I had backup this time.

Margaret, a student of mine, had absolutely fallen in love with Faith from the moment she saw her. It could have been because Faith had bonded with her on the first day, or maybe it was the fact that this kid loves everything with four legs. Whatever it was, they had become buddies. Faith trusted her. I now had the perfect ally to help me win "TOMA"...

Margaret put Faith's halter on and held her chin in one hand. Before she realized what was going on, I quickly pushed the tube into the corner of Faith's mouth. It was working, she wasn't really fighting us. Amazing. I began to press the plunger...and it all went into her mouth! Wonderful - the plan had worked!

I pulled it out and smiled a big smile, and then it hit me. And I mean literally. Faith opened her mouth and blew about a quarter of the medicine at me. On me. All over me. Margaret was laughing so hard I thought she had stopped breathing for a moment. There was paste on my sunglasses, on my forehead, in my hair. The front of my black jacket was covered in white spots, horse saliva and bits of partially chewed hay. I felt defeated and frustrated. And I couldn't help but laugh too. (Score: Faith 3, Julie 2)


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  1. I have just come across your blog, and am reading from the beginning, about Faith! Some of it in tears! Some of it in chuckles. The fight over the meds is comical, but I know very frustrating. I wished I had read this back in feb, They make a halter you can put on the horse to give them oral meds. I am only on this date, so you may have gotten one by now. I came across your blog from Fugly! I am going to continue reading.....