Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pictures - Day Six


  1. Bless you for taking her. I am cheering for all of you.
    Since the oral meds are so problematic via syringe, can you crush them and put into feed, except the Bute which tastes so bad that there is no way to disguise it. Since she is now eating some Senior, use that and maybe add some plain wet wheat bran, or soaked hay pellets or soaked beet pulp. I have hidden many medications in one or more of those items, depending on what the horse liked to eat. I did not see in your list of meds, anything for gastric ulcers. Considering what meds she is receiving and her condition, I would be asking my vet about that. The above is just from my experience over the years.
    You are doing a grand job and I can tell Faith does appreciate it. It sounds like she wants to live.
    From Southern California--more good energy aimed your way.

  2. I wish you all the best of luck with Faith! She looks like a wonderful horse and I know she appreciates you for what you are doing!
    Y'all are in my prayers! :)

  3. Just found your blog and am going to sign up as a follower so I can read about Faith and her journey. As Joe of TBFriends said in his blog yesterday, Feb. 19, it takes about two weeks for horses do decide to "turn around" or "check out"--and I think Miss Faith has already decided it isn't time to check out.

    I have an online horse friend who has two horses that are being treated presumptively for EPM--she has possums in her barn and while none of the tests the vets have done on her horses show positive for EPM, the symptoms are there and so the medications are being given. So far the decline isn't worsening, and while it's expensive as heck, she is convinced it is working. Better do it than not, is her motto.

    Am looking forward to reading about Faith. Keep up the good work.