Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Rescue: Katie

Katie shortly after being rescued, March 2009

"I took in a 20-year-old, one-eyed pregnant mare named Katie. Long story short was in a muddy paddock with a stud that was for sale that a friend was interested in purchasing.... she took both Katie and the stud home. Then Katie came to live with us.

She was so weak that the first few weeks she was with us she stood in the stall and would only come out every now and then. She was nothing but skin and bones and completely covered in lice. Anyway, we started feeding her and more importantly giving her all the love that she could handle and she has come around wonderfully!!!

From being so weak that she would only stand in the stall she is now galloping around the pasture and every now and then she will let out a little buck!! So far knock on wood we have not run into that many health issues other than one golf ball size hole that was right up under her tail that is healing up very well now.

This is the first horse that I have taken in that was in this condition and I do not regret it one bit. She has shown my kids that yes horse neglect is something is that real and you can touch and not just something that you see on TV. My daughter has learned how much work really goes into horses and that you should never give up on them not as long as they are willing to fight. She learned that somethings are not as important to her as they once where and she has given up the nice new outfit so that the vet can come out and treat Katie or we can go get her some more meds.

The one thing that irritates me the most is the only reason that the guy let this pretty girl get on the trailer is that she was old and as he said, "Take her. She's too old to make babies and bring me any money so why should I keep her anyway!"

I have to tell you that it was your blog that gave me the courage to say yes and take Katie in and even tough she cost more to feed than my other 5 horses combined I do not regret the decision one bit!!!"

~Cheryl, Leap of Faith Farms

Katie on May 6th, 2009

Cheryl, You are doing an amazing job with this mare - congrats! In just a few weeks, she looks much better. And what a sweet face she has! I think it's awesome that you're using her story as a learning tool for your kids. The only way to put an end to animal abuse and neglect is to educate everyone about it. Kudos to you!

I know it's a long, difficult road, but hang in there. Please keep us updated with her progress and let us know if you need anything!



  1. where is this farm located?

  2. Wow what an impovement in even a few weeks. It's amazing what food and TLC will do for a horse.

  3. And I thought Faith made a great improvement. Love the education aspect of both stories. This is the only way to overcome abuse...EDUCATE