Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Had a Great Show!

We just came in the door from unloading horses, feeding and unpacking the trailers. Oh dear God... am I exhausted! This past week has been tiring, but the horse show went really well! Taking into consideration that this was the first show of the season and we had quite a few beginner students compete, it was a great success!

I had a chance to go over my emails quickly, and I received a few rescue stories and pictures from you guys! They are all great - I hope to have them up tomorrow when I catch up on barn chores. The more the merrier - keep 'em coming!

Show Results: Our farm won the qualifier and championship in Arabian Native Costume, won the Open Hunter Pleasure Championship, and came in Champion and Reserve Champion in the Arabian/Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Championship! Our Walk & Trot riders pinned in every class, as well as coming home with a few Reserve Championship titles!

I also wanted to mention that at least 10 people at the show came up to me to ask me how Faith is doing! They all wanted to know when they'll be seeing her at the shows. I told them that she is going through a rough time now with her lameness issues, but it could be a possibility in the future!

Here are some pictures for you from the show! Enjoy!

Our adorable Walk & Trot riders! (PS. I learned that when they are all dressed up in their show clothes, they are exceptionally difficult to tell apart!)

Courtney and "Kenny" hand galloping in the Arabian/Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure class.

My 7-year-old niece and her Half-Arabian mare, "CH High Jinks+/". This was her first time in the Walk & Trot Hunter division and she did amazing! Congrats Allison!

Lianna and "Nicholas", a 6-year-old Pinto Saddlebred gelding. It's amazing how well this young guy can do when both halves of his brain are working at the same time!

Myself and "SB Cookies N Cream" working on the rail. I just love how this little mare moves!

"SB Cookies N Cream" heading into the lineup.

Two of our goofy Arabian Native Costume riders! Great job girls!
Hannah and Nicholas sharing a moment at the show.



  1. Wow, you have some gorgeous horses.

  2. Congrats to all the competitors! You have an amazing group of horses!

  3. Hi Julie, Just came across your blog about Faith- what a wonderful thing you have done for this mare. I have not yet read all of this blog but plan to. Bless you for helping her out!
    (Daen's Zoe Girl aka:Daenielle's previous owner from NC)

  4. What precious little riders! All the horses are really nice. No wonder Faith is doing so well with you!

  5. Hi Julie, It was nice to meet you at the show and see your riders.

  6. Awwww look at Nicholas and our walk/trot group!!!! How cute!(You and Cori look good too Julie!)