Friday, May 1, 2009

To Our Faith-ful Followers...

Dan and I are officially on a short vacation! We're leaving shortly to go to Connecticut for my cousin's wedding. Although I love my horses dearly, I am fairly confident, (er, rather 100% certain,) that I won't miss getting up at the crack of dawn and doing stalls.

This is the first time we'll both be away since Faith first came into our lives, but my great friend Melissa will be overseeing all the critters here. She actually works for Dr. Barnes as a technician, so I know my kids are in great hands!

I will be back Sunday night, and will hopefully post a picture or two of Dan and I dressed up. It's a rare sight to see the two of us in anything but jeans and barn boots!

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I just want to thank everyone who reads this site and let you know how much your support has helped me. I personally read each and every comment that you post at the end of my articles, as well as every email, and I can't even begin to explain how good they all make me feel!

Some of you are professional horse people that offer amazing and reassuring advice; others are animal lovers who give me endless moral support. Through the good times and bad, I know that I can count on you to help Faith and I through this ordeal.

Over the past 12-plus weeks, there have been some emails and posted comments that have stuck out in my mind. I received an email yesterday in my inbox that touched me:

"My daughter and I have been following your story on Faith since day one. I was so angry and sick to my stomach to see her photos at first. Thank God you arrived when you did. That Faith is all woman it sounds like with her stubborn streak and I love it.

The main reason why I am writing to you though is to tell you, I feel you are unreal. The love you have for her melts my heart. You are a blessing. Keep up the great job you are doing and get some rest for yourself you seem like a busy lady.

~KW "

That email brought tears to my eyes - thank you so much!

Here are a few of my favorite comments that have been posted on this website:

From Nancy: "Saving just one horse won't change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one horse."

From OldWorldMorgans: (Regarding our lunging post) "And now we know what she thinks of lunging."

From KuKuKaChew: "Oh wow, she is so a bombshell! No wonder all the geldings want her!"

From Anonymous: "I enjoy your wry sense of humor about it all. It looks like your barn is a fun and special place to be...keep up the good fight!"

From TBDancer: "Faith is gorgeous, but you already knew that, didn't you? " Yes, TBDancer, I did. :-) And thanks for all your continued support and advice. The money-saving tips are great too - LOVE them!

From Anonymous: "It is such a pleasure to see how far Faith has come. I shudder to think what Faith's life would be like with out the love and compassion from Julie, Dan and all the kids. It certainly makes a parent so proud. Thank you for demonstrating to the children how a person can right a wrong." Thanks, Mom!

From Anonymous: "Wow, her head doesn't look too big for her body any more!" Hahaha that one cracks me up! So true!

From Anonymous: "One can only hope the people allowed this to happen to her feel the shame." Also very true.

From Anonymous: "I guess if she's coming into heat, it means she's a lot healthier. (Or do horses still come into heat regardless of body condition?) Being female can be such a nuisance sometimes. Yuck. "

From Anonymous: "Its so very special how she has become a group project to be loved. Love your updates. Its the Black Beauty story all over again and you are her Joe."

From OldMorgans: "She sure looks ever so much better. Reading about Faith is something good for my day."

From Anonymous: (In reference to the 4-H Club picture with her) "Rags to riches… From standing alone starving with no one to care for or about her; to the picture above. She is a lucky girl. What a difference a twist of fate can make."

From Melissa: "Glad to see Faith's continuing to do well! Cool opportunity for the 4H girls to learn from her, and for her to get some extra attention too. :-)"

From Anonymous: (In reference to the pictures with Faith and the donkey) "It's funny you should refer to your donkey as a terrorist. Ours have "real" names, but their nicknames are "Terrorist #1", "Terrorist #2", and "The Antichrist". "

From TBDancer: (In reference to Faith gaining the first 60 pounds) "Okay, that settles it. I am coming back as a horse. I want that same joyful reaction every time I gain weight ;-)" I agree - how true! Horses have it soooo much easier than we do!

From Bossy: "I like to think there is a special thorny hot place in hell for animal abusers. Regardless of what happens to this schmuck, you have changed the life of one sweet horse, and hopefully prevented any other horses from suffering by his hand. "

From Anonymous: "I'm impressed with your barn - it looks exceptionally clean and bright and well kept." Thanks a bunch! Our horses are our kids and we try our hardest to give them the best of everything!

From OldMorgans: "I have been a faithful reader of Faith's blog and have cried with you and rejoiced with you. This blog has enriched my life and my life with my horses. As fortunate as Faith was to have found you, you have been the most fortunate to have found her. "

Also... BarrelRacingMom, ShesPureGold, thebundychick, Monique, SoBe, and all of our other frequent posters, thanks a bunch!

Keep the comments coming! They're my fuel on the bad days, and my humor on the good ones!

I will post when I return Sunday night!




  1. I hope you have a grand time on your mini-vacation. It is good to get away for a time.
    I love the face/head photos you have of Faith. She has so much character and is so very elegant.

  2. Have a great time on you mini vacation! While i'm sure you'll have a great time, the best moment will be when you walk into the barn the first morning back and you hear those nickers!! Enjoy!