Saturday, May 16, 2009


It has been a long week, I'm exhausted, and I can hear my pillow calling for me...

Faith's New Shoes
=> Faith's farrier informed me that there will be an adjustment period for her, as she may be a little uncomfortable in her hind end due to her recent shoeing. The trailers are limiting the "twist" in her gait behind, (in order to take the strain off of her joints,) and since we're limiting one thing from moving, another has to give. Faith seemed OK today, perhaps a tad bit more stiff than she normally is, but nothing that I am too concerned about. (I am surprisingly fairly accustomed to the good-day, bad-day, good-day, bad-day roller coaster!) Keep your fingers crossed that she begins showing improvements over the next week or so!

=> We are looking to do a few interesting fundraising activities to help with Faith's care. The first one I'm hoping will be a big hit, but shhhh... it's a surprise! I've been working on over the past few days and will present to everyone if I can make everything fall into place!
=> As another fundraiser, a student mentioned some sort of graphic sales, such as on t-shirts, hats, etc. Unfortunately, I am not very creative, and far from being a great artist - does anyone have any suggestions? Any good graphic designers out there that could help?

Upcoming Events
=> Dr. Brad Barnes will be out this Thursday morning to reevaluate and readjust Faith. Hopefully he is pleased with her condition and the quality of Brad Erickson's work. I'm doing my best to find someone else to be here and take pictures - it would be great to show everyone Dr. Barnes at work!

Upcoming Posts
=> Per a few questions and requests, I have been working on posts regarding suspensory ligament injuries as well as the causes and issues with clubbed feet. I will post them once I have time to finish them!

And to our deeply concerned readers...
=> I find it absolutely hilarious that 90% of comments regarding the post about Faith's hoof care had to do with how cute my farrier is! Hahaha - you guys are way too funny! I wholly agree that he's not bad to look at, but sorry ladies, he's happily married. :-)

I'm off to bed now - I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  1. Have you found a designer? Check your email. I have loved following Faith from re-Hab to re-Fab. Thank goodness you came into her life and she came into yours!