Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two days away...

...and when I walk up to Faith tonight, she sniffs my pockets and then pins her ears back at me. It was the end of the world - I forgot to bring treats. I love this mare, but what a grouch!

So being the good horse mom I am, I went upstairs, changed into barn clothes, and then spent about an hour with her tonight. I groomed her, gave her treats, repacked her hoof and fed her dinner. She gave me a little nuzzle as I left her stall, but I'm sure it was only because I was standing in between her and her hay...

Dan and I had a great time in Hartford. It was a nice mini-vacation and we spent time with my family. Everyone was asking about Faith and how she's doing. (Actually, they asked more about how Faith is doing than how I am doing!) Anyways, it's late now and we're both exhausted. I am working on a funny post for tomorrow - hope you all enjoy!

~ Dan & Julie



  1. Faith looks so good. She is almost completely shedded out!

    You both look so cute! <333

    ~Lambert <33

  2. Glad you had time for the both of you to get away for a little while. And dress up and smell good, too!!

  3. I hope you enjoyed your time away! I always miss my horse, but enjoy knowing that she is in good hands, and that i get to sleep in.

    Have you figured out what breed she is?

  4. You look so cute in your dress and so does Farmer Dan in his PURPLE shirt!!!!!

    ~Goose!! <333