Thursday, April 23, 2009

She Lunges

Faith has an appointment on Thursday, April 30th with Dr. Brad Barnes for a lameness evaluation. Dr. Barnes will watch her move on the lunge line, flex her, and run his expert hands all over her until we can determine the cause of her soreness. Realizing that this is only one short week away, this got me thinking. Does this mare even lunge?

So off we went today, into the arena with a lunge line to find out. I swear she rolled her eyes at me as I hooked the line up to her halter.

With a little shake of the line, Faith slowly walked away from me with her ears half-pinned back. She looked bored and aggravated, as if this was beneath her. We walked for a minute, and she seemed to understand what we were doing. But it was time to ask for a short trot just to make sure.

I clicked to her. No response. I said, "trot". She walked. Shook the line towards her. Nothing. Jumped towards her. Nada. Then I took the end of the line and flicked it towards her butt. Apparently, that is her button.

This mare LEAPT into the air like someone put a rocket up her butt, humped her back, squealed and let out the three biggest bucks I've ever seen. Then she stopped, turned towards me and snorted.

She lunges.



  1. Makes one wonder what else she knows??

  2. That had to be a "look what I can do" moment for you. Gotta love those silly mares.

    Faith you go girl!

  3. shes look so cute and happy in those pictures of her ears forward yesterday :)

  4. haha she lunges! she just must not of wanted to trot this morning! - Lianna :)

  5. She's turning out to be quite a rig!!!I love to hear stories about her.

  6. And now we know what she thinks of lunging.

    Re: previous post's photos--
    WOW--she is so very elegant.

  7. What a saucy vixen she's turning out to be. All that personality.