Saturday, April 4, 2009

Having a good day, so far!

Faith is doing much better today! Last night was the worst colic episode she's had, with the exception of the first couple of weeks she was here. We are assuming that this is heat-related and are keeping our fingers crossed that it will pass. Hopefully I can get a full night's sleep tonight...

Faith was turned out this morning around 8am and happily trotted around her paddock when I pulled her halter off. Around 5:00pm it began sprinkling out, so I headed out to her paddock to bring her in. The second she saw me heading her way, she began nickering like crazy and cantered over to me! What a huge improvement from 8 weeks ago!

I am quickly beginning to learn that Faith's patience and ground manners are directly related to her mood and health. The healthier she gets, the more pushy and impatient she is. Now that she's feeling better overall, we'll be working more on the "my space, your space" ideology.

Unfortunately due to Faith's excessive and uncontrollable hormones, I am way behind in paperwork and lesson plans, so I need to cut this short. Enjoy the adorable picture of Faith and my student Miranda enjoying a special moment on March 16th. Tomorrow I will be posting a story written by another student of mine for everyone to enjoy!


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