Saturday, April 25, 2009

Faith's Old Roommate Needs a New Home

I was recently contacted by a lady who, shortly after hearing Faith's story, traveled to Loudon, NH and pulled a gelding out of the same farm Faith came from. On March 8, 2009, "Finnegan", an adorable gelding with an endearing face, began the first day of his new life.

Thankfully he was in better shape than Faith when he left, but Finnegan still needed a bit of rehab. He was underweight and was in need of hoof and dental work. Since being removed from his old farm, Finnegan has been making steady improvements with his new owner. He has been ridden in the past, but is currently being worked on the ground until he is better conditioned.

His current owner has put a substantial amount of time and effort into him, and is looking for a permanent home that will love him, care for him and continue his training.

If anyone is interested in providing a loving, long-term home for Finnegan, please email me directly at:



  1. Finnegan is really nice looking, and will make someone a nice horse. Could you post more info, such as height and age?

    Repeat, I don't need a second horse, lol

  2. One of friends just sent me this about dogs, but i think it works just as well with horses...
    "Saving just one horse won't change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one horse."

  3. Finnegan is 6 years old and approximately 15.3 hands. I hope this helps! Please email me privately if you'd like -