Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The "Extreme Mare Makeover" Continues...

It was 93 degrees here today - a heat wave in April! It was gorgeous out, the sun was shining and it felt great, however the heat was a little overkill. (Plus, it's way too early in the year for me to get a farmer's tan!) Tomorrow will be around 65 degrees - much more comfortable and manageable.

Faith will be busy over the next few days:

Tomorrow she will get a health exam by Dr. George and receive her yearly vaccinations and Coggins. (What the heck do I write for "breed" on her Coggins?!) I'm already dreading her shots - Faith is far from being a fan of needles. However, I can hardly wait to show Dr. George how much she has improved since the last time he saw her. I'm hoping he'll be impressed!

Then on Thursday, Dr. Barnes is scheduled to come to the farm to do a lameness exam. Faith and I are going to practice lunging at least one more time before he shows up!

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The "Extreme Mare Makeover", Day 86

Faith went outside around 6am this morning, flirted with a few of the boys, squealed at the rest, munched on hay, and then took an hour long nap in the sun. The heat was just atrocious today, and I figured it would be a great opportunity to encourage the remainder of her winter coat to pack its bags. Every shedding utencil I had came out this afternoon!

After lessons were over, I brought her out behind the barn and gave her a quick bath. She can be a little pushy on the ground, and since I had one of my students holding her, I decided it would be best to put a chain over her nose. Faith was excellent and seemed to enjoy the cool water. (Just FYI: It's much easier to sweat-scrape a horse who has a smooth barrel!)

Lucy brought Faith for a walk around the property while she dried, and Faith was exceptionally well behaved for her. She is a funny horse, that's for sure. She tests me all the time, about everything. However, she is simply an angel with kids! When they lead her, she lowers her head down to their level and follows them like a big puppy dog.

Last week I clipped her whiskers and ears, and gave her a real bridlepath. During this process, I learned that Faith doesn't like clippers. At all. Not even a little. But I stood vigilant on the top step of my mounting block and eventually the old grouch gave in. I just know that I'll pay for that one later. I'm hoping to have time tomorrow to neaten her mane up, but just have this sneaking suspicion that she won't let me pull it. Scissors might just have to do the job!

Enjoy the following pictures! And a special thanks to Lucy for holding Faith during her bath!

This is the best way to get Faith to stand still during a bath - a chain over her nose and food in front of it! (No big suprise there, huh?!)

Walking around with Lucy after her bath to dry in the sun. (Look ma, no ribs!)

Nicole and Lucy showing off how tall Faith is.

Faith going for a walk with Lucy after her bath. (Note the angle of her hind pasterns due to her weak suspensories.)

Enjoying a nice stroll on a beautiful day.



  1. I've noticed a lot of horses are that way with kids. A pain in the behind with adults but on their best, most gentle behavior with the little ones.

    As to breed, she looks like a thoroughbred to me. Look at those withers! And that's a TB head if I ever saw one. Could be a cross, I suppose, but I say thoroughbred.

  2. Awe she's soooo tall compared to Goosey!!!

  3. I wish you could find out how she is bred and her history. As nice a mare as she is, I know someone out there knows her. Maybe now that she is looking like a horse again (and boy does she look great) someone will recognize her and fill in the blanks!
    she is a sweet girl, keep up the good work!

  4. WOW, she looks stunning now. She has come such a long way since your rescue. I agree, she does look TB to me as well.

  5. I agree on the TB - have you checked her lip for a tatoo (probably but it doesn't hurt to ask).

    What a bautiful girl! She looks awsome. Good job. :)

  6. OMG she looks beautiful now!

  7. She looks like an elegant TB. What a change in her.


  8. She's beautiful!! Did you do DNA testing on her? I can't believe what 90 days can do in a good enviroment! How many hands is she? Way to go!!

  9. I agree with the TB comments, she looks like mine (somewhat) If she is older and she did have a tatoo it could be faded a lot. Use a blue light (if you know this sorry!) to pick up on the ink that is left. It often looks like freckles when they are older. You can check with the jockey club now even with a partial tatoo


  10. Awwww!! Faith looks so much better!! She looks adorable in her summer coat!I am glad now that i got to hold her during the bath she was perfect:]
    And thank you for saving her!! she loves you for it!!!!!

    ~Goose!!! <3 <3 <3

  11. She looks terrific! Wow!

    As someone who knows nothing about horses - is there anything that can be done for her suspensories, or is it just a matter of keeping her comfortable? This is the only downside of her putting on weight!

  12. WOW! What an amazing job you have done.

    I had a boarder who had a horse who's hind end looked like that. He was 100% sound. Never lame a day in his life. I hope the same for Faith.