Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updated photos!

I tried to get Faith in roughly the same position as the mare in the photos.

Do you think this could be her?

Thank you Stacey for your photo skills!



  1. I'm not a horse person (just a horse lover who is enjoying this journey), but it looks to me like their head shapes are pretty different - Faith seems to have a sightly dished head, while the broodmare has a roman nose and no jowls at all. (Is she a TWH, by the way?) Maybe it's just the photo angles, the broodmare is looking slightly away and Faith is looking slightly towards the camera.

    Poor Faith, that really is all the higher she can raise her head, isn't it? She's looking better, though. She's still waaaaay too skinny, but at least one step better than the walking skeleton she came in as. :-)

  2. I am seeing two very different heads. The hopeful one w/foal has a noble and straight profile. Faith, although somewhat long-headed, has a very different profile to her head. She has the prettier head.

  3. Yes - different heads and a different hip angle.

    It's hard finding out history. After all, nobody wants to 'fess up that they may have played a part in a horse winding up in that condition. But I wish you luck!

  4. Heads do look different but the mare with the foal her head is turned to the left and up and Faith's is to the right and down, so the dishing could look different. Hip angle is above my head. Faith's rear has lost so much muscle it's hard to compare that end of her yet.

  5. i don't think that is the same horse, the head profiles are just too different. For what it is worth I prefer Faith's!

  6. Regarding Faith's head profile - what a sweet face that mare has!

  7. I personally think it's too soon to say for sure. Once Faith gets some more weight on her it might be easier.

    But I do agree that the head does look different, but camera angle could play into that.

    As I said, in more time I think it will be easier to tell.

  8. I'm going to agree that it's a different horse - even with the angle, the heads are much to different, and the hip angle's not the same.


  9. cmsavage@gmail.comMarch 14, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    For your sake I wish I could say yes I thought it was the same, but I can't. The head is entirely different :(

    She looks a lot like my "old" STB mare I had about 6 years ago...but she was only 4 then, and only 15.1 hands tall...and darker bay, and had a TEENY snip of white on her forehead. I said all that to say this, I think she COULD definitely be a STB.

    Good luck.