Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Search for Faith's Past

Since bringing her home five weeks ago, I have been constantly wondering about this sweet mare's history. Faith's personality and ground manners clearly show that she has received training; her worn suspensories show that she has had a job. She was obviously well trained at some point in her life and somehow slipped through the cracks.

The questions I have pondered are:
- Who used to own this mare?
- Would they share information on her past?
- Would they be interested in coming to visit her?
- What would they think of how she ended up?

My main goal in finding her history is so that I can learn about her medical history so that her rehabilitation goes as smoothly as possible. The more we know about the past, the better we can predict the future.

I have searched the classified ads over the past few weeks looking for a possible match. About 15 horses showed up that could possibly be her, and I called each and every number. Everyone I spoke to showed concern, but unfortunately none of them matched.

However... Last week I received my most solid lead so far. A lady emailed and said that Faith may possibly be a mare that used to be at her boarding barn. The mare, "Was older than 17, had a clubbed foot, was in rough shape back then, obviously had been bred, and was around 16.3 hands tall. She was sold to someone in NH about two years ago." I was overjoyed - we may have possibly found her!

I was given the name of the farm where this mare was kept as a broodmare in her younger days, and I called and spoke to the owner. She was very nice and said that it may in fact be the same horse. An email arrived with a picture of her taken in the early 1990s.

I called that breed's registry, and they sent me a DNA test kit. I will send in her hair sample today and should have a result within 2-3 weeks!

So the question is: Do you think that the mare in the photos pictured below could possibly be Faith? If I have time this afternoon, I will try to get her standing in the same position, with her head up so we can compare.

What do you think? Could this be Faith over 15 years ago?



  1. I don't want to be the downer but I don't think it is the same mare. The mare here seems to have a much longer neck and her shoulder to hip line is different. I hope you find where she came from though.

  2. Her head shape looks very similar, maybe a new profile pic could help.

  3. Do they have a close-up head shot they could send you?

  4. Okay just did a photo line-up with one of your older pics of her. Shoulder looks off but she's standing different and also her head was not visable in the pic I used. I think her neck length is same. Exciting to say the least!

  5. I just posted another picture as well. Unfortunately, those are the only two pictures of her that the breeder had. I was impressed that she had any at all, seeing that this horse has not been on her property in nearly 15 years! She spoke very highly of her and said that she was an amazing show horse in her day. Keep your fingers crossed!

  6. These may be a stupid questions. Is a club foot a birth defect or something that occurs from injury? How common are club feet?

  7. Hmm, I'm going to say no. It's difficult to say when just looking at the bodies overall as condition and age can affect so much, but the neck on this mare and Faith are different lengths, and the head shape doesn't match up. Bummer, I hope I'm wrong!

  8. With age just like us humans, the neck could shrink a little, shoulder become more prominent, especially when you are comparing it to a possible picture of the horse over 15 years ago when she was in healthy good muscle. What breed is this broodmare?