Monday, March 16, 2009

Through a Child's Eyes

The following piece was written by one of my students. She has helped me care for Faith since the first day she was here, and like everyone who has met Faith, she has fallen in love with this sweet horse. I hope you enjoy!

The Story of Faith, Through a Child's Eyes

Before I saw Faith on that emotional Monday, Julie told me that she got a new horse. She wouldn’t give me any information about her. She only said to meet her at her dad’s garage to see her. When I got to the barn, I was expecting to see a new show horse, but what I saw was a million times better than any show horse. There was a skinny and dirty mare standing there, but that didn’t matter to me. She was the prettiest horse I have ever seen. She might not be the right weight, but I knew that she wanted to live and that she wanted someone to love her, no matter how she looked. I fell in love with this precious horse the moment I saw her.

After I heard the whole story about what had happened to her, I felt like I was going to cry. I held it in because I knew that Faith was strong the whole time she became like this. I wanted to show her that I could be strong about what happened too. I knew that she was a special horse. We finished with her bath, then we dried her fragile body with towels. She went back into her stall and ate some hay. It made me feel good to see her eat some food after what I had heard.

Over the last five weeks, I have learned so much from Faith. She taught me that not everyone in this world is kind and caring. She also taught me that some people just don’t care about what happens to poor, innocent animals. She showed me that she is strong enough to get through this. I start to cry every time I think about what might happen if she stops fighting. I am just hoping that day doesn’t come.

This horse has not only changed my life and the way I think about people in it but the lives of everyone that has heard of Faith’s story. I have not met one person that didn’t care about Faith and how she is improving. Everyone in my school is always asking for updates on her. I knew that you guys truly care about her too. It just makes me sad to know that many people let this happen to their animals. Not just horses, but dogs and cats as well.

If it wasn’t for Julie and Farmer Dan (you know him as Dan,) Faith wouldn’t be in our lives right now. Every day I come here and look at her progress and I think about what she will look like in the near future. I thank Julie for being there for Faith whenever she was having a hard time. She has influenced me so much to go and help animals. I can’t imagine my life without Faith now. I thank everyone that has helped or even is wishing for her to get better.

~ Miranda, age 12

Miranda & Faith, March 16th, 2009



  1. i love u miranda it made me cry too! and i think the same about julie and farmed dan!! <333


  2. Love you Miranda you did an awesome job!! I'm with you and Goose it made me cry tooooo! It was perfect!!!
    <333 Margar <333