Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Could this be her?

A friend of Faith's superimposed a picture of Faith and the picture of this mare. What does everyone think? Could it be her?
I think that Faith's withers (compared to the mare with the foal) are more prominent, her croup is steeper, and she is deeper through her girth area. The withers and croup differences could be from age as well as loss of muscle mass, but I'm not sure that her girth and barrel would change in the same manner. Lots to think about...

I will take a few pictures of her later this afternoon, attempting to get somewhat of the same pose so we can tell a little bit better.

And how handsome is that foal, by the way! What a looker!



  1. Looking at this picture, I totally think it is her.

  2. Faith's shoulder angle looks a lot steeper as well.

  3. I also think that your mare's neck ties in lower than the mare in the picture. Faith's neck also seems a little shorter... Not sure though, it would be great to give her a little history.

  4. My vote is still yes. More so after seeing these last shots.

    Can we know more about her? do you know the breeding yet? This is so exciting!!