Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Update - 50 Days and Counting

50 days ago... I doubted that this mare had a future. I would never have believed that I would be sitting here writing about the most miraculous recovery I've ever seen. A mare that was only days away from certain death has pulled through, regained control over her fate, and has pushed on.

She may have questioned it occasionally, but not once did she ever lose her will to live.

As I led her out of her stall this morning, Faith appeared somewhat stiff. She tripped in the aisle but caught herself in time, her head leaning into my shoulder for support. Obviously worried about the possibility of another weakness-related incident, I very carefully led her outside towards her turnout area, but as we walked on she seemed to improve. I hoped (er, prayed,) it was just a fluke. As we rounded the corner of the barn, Faith began trotting up the hill in front of me, eager for some fresh air, a roll around in the sand, and a flirtation session with the boys. I kept a close eye on her all afternoon, and she seemed comfortable, content and relaxed. As dinnertime approached, she began trotting back and forth along the fence, wounding all of her boyfriends up into a frenzy!

Our 4-H Club has been keeping track of Faith's progress. At our past meetings, I have taught them how to check a horse's vital signs, how to weigh and measure them, causes and symptoms of colic, and how to wrap legs. Faith has been our "model" for quite a few of the lessons, and she certainly enjoys the company and attention she has received from our club.

Here is a picture of the gang! Faith just refused to put her ears up for the camera!

I am overjoyed to say that Faith has been making steady improvements. She still has her ups and downs, but overall she has continued to fight and push forward.



  1. Glad to see Faith's continuing to do well! Cool opportunity for the 4H girls to learn from her, and for her to get some extra attention too. :-) Has there been any progress on the legal front?

    Do keep the updates coming! This blog is my reminder that good things do happen.

  2. Rags to riches…
    From standing alone starving with no one to care for or about her; to the picture above. She is a lucky girl.

    What a difference a twist of fate can make.

  3. Congrats again, she is looking so good! And a fantastic learning opportunity for your Pony Club. The only way to combat all the bad horse owners is to keep putting more educated ones out there!