Thursday, December 10, 2009

Courtney's "Squishy" Pony

Courtney has a love for hunter ponies, not to mention quite an extensive history competing them when she was younger. For the past few years she has been hounding me to get a project for her to work with. When Courtney first saw "Grace", she said, "That's my new pony. She's adorable and so squishy, I just want to squeeze her!"

Everyone asked to see her, so here she is! This is the little mare we went to see, and the only one who was supposed to come home with us, ahem...

Who couldn't love a face like that?!

She's a registered Welsh pony mare, about 13 hands tall. Between her flaxen mane and tail, her high white stockings and that adorable face, she is just perfect!

Good luck Courtney with your new project pony! You two look adorable together! :-)



  1. Awww....I just want to kiss that nose!

  2. How adorable, she is a doll, and a great size too....

  3. "I shall call her Squishy and she shall be mine and she shall be my Squishy."

    Love it! What a sweetie-pie!

  4. Awww she is adorable!!! I love that face!! Good luck with her!

  5. Such a cute pony! Can't wait to hear more about the latest rescue! How is Faith doing?

  6. Wow, what a flashy pony! Great find, hope they have a blast together :)

  7. WAAAAAY CUTE and so is Stewie!!!! I can imagine him all filled out and perky!!! Love the chestnuts with minimal white and flaxen main/ em, love em!