Wednesday, December 2, 2009

300 Days and Counting!

Can you believe it? I certainly can't. Three hundred days have passed since Faith began her journey to start over her life again. Since she began the journey of touching so many lives and helping so many others.

Looking back at the events of the past ten months, I truly cannot believe the changes Faith has made. I never thought it would be possible for her to recover as well as she did. Hell, I honestly doubted that she would make it through those first few nights. She has transformed in front of all of our eyes, coming to us as a walking skeleton and slowly blossoming into a beautiful swan.

And now, she has transformed back. This time, into a wooly, hairy beast. Old man winter is on his way and Faith is going to make sure that she's prepared for him. Boy, that old lady can surely grow a winter coat on her!

Faith has made a full circle - first an ugly duckling, then a gorgeous swan, and now... a moose. (She really looks like one, I swear!) At least now her coat is shiny and thick, unlike the poor, dull winter "coat" she had when she arrived.

I haven't had time to take many pictures of her lately, but I will try to get some new ones posted soon so everyone can see how snuggly she looks!

Other Updates...

Pet - This little mare is probably the sweetest horse I have ever owned! She is quiet, well mannered and patient. And it's so cute to hear her nicker to me each morning when she hears me coming!

Victoria - Our lovely little piglet has found a wonderful home in Woodstock, NH! She now lives at a farm with chickens, cattle, a pony and a few other barnyard critters. They have sent me updates on how she's doing and they love her dearly. I'm so glad we found such a perfect home for her!

Jack - Yes, we finally decided on a name for the big guy! The choice was an easy one - he was a little naughty the first few days here when he was still unwinding, so "Jack" was his first name and, well, you can figure out what his middle name was!

Once he settled in and adjusted, we started working him under saddle. I am honestly impressed beyond words - he was nothing short of amazing! He was quiet, well behaved for the most part and... slow. He actually didn't want to move! (This is probably why he has been retired from racing!) He needed to be pushed into the trot, and once he finally decided to comply, his trot was slow and steady. I can see a career as a dressage horse in his future; his movement is incredibly fluid and balanced.

A wonderful young lady named Amanda has taken him on as a project over the winter. She is experienced with eventing and just loves working with off-track Thoroughbred race horses, so the two of them are a perfect match! She is boarding him near her house and will be working with him every day. Hopefully in the spring and summer they will be going to a few events together! I will keep everyone updated on his progress!

As a side note, one thing that "Jack" likes to do after he is ridden is stick his tongue out of his mouth and bite it. Sometimes it comes out the side of his mouth, other times it is sticking straight out. He lets you play with it and grab it, and if you don't, he flips his head up and down making it flap around. He's bizarre, but such a cutie!

Jack & Amanda, November 2009

65 more days until Faith's one-year anniversary! Can you believe it?!


  1. Hi Julie. My morgan gelding Monty does the tongue thing too. I think it's because he used to get "tongue-tied" to prevent him from getting his tongue over the bit (before I owned him he, when he was a big-time show horse). I don't know if this is a technique used in racehorses to stop them from evading the bit but I thought I'd mention it.

    And of course, Faith and her comeback continues to delight me!

    I have a blind mare too, if you have any questions feel free to email.

  2. Once again a wonderful post about the happenings at your place. Jack looks like a behemoth ;o) It's a GOOD thing he's calm and slow. And of course Victoria is a charmer.

    Looking forward to pictures of Miss "Fuzzy Wuzzy." My OTTB is a fuzzball, too. I am in a sling until the end of this month--rotator cuff surgery--and can't handle horse and clippers. I figure part of my continued physical therapy will include shedding blade exercises come spring. ;o)

  3. Can I just say, I am a little in love with Jack?

  4. My TB does the tounge thing too, especially undersaddle (not a good thing once we start competing.) They DO tie TB's toungs at the tracks if they have a risk of it flying back in their throats and blocking their air from this nostrils. Don't quote me, I got this info from my TB's race trainer.