Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mystery History

Faith's history has always been a mystery to us. When we found her, she was a lost soul who was in desperate need of many things; medical attention, feed, compassion, love. But she wasn't always this way. She was someone in the past, and now we're going to try to find out who she was.

As a recap of everything on this blog, here is what we know about her:

=> The name she came with was "Capri".

=> 16.3 hand mare, solid bay with no white markings, and a noticeably clubbed left front foot.

=> We were told she was a Trakehner. The American Trakehner Association will do a DNA test for her, however they cannot search the entire registry. We would need to know either Faith's name or a sire or dam's name,and then they would be able to confirm it for us.

=> She definitely had a foal, but more than likely two or three.

=> She was owned by Doug Daniels in Loudon, NH from roughly October 2009 through February 2009. She was purchased as a gaming horse for his daughter to compete.

=> Prior to that we believe she was owned by Roger Eastman, also of Loudon. From that point backwards, we know nothing about her history. Neither Roger nor Doug are willing to release any information on her.

=> From what we have learned about her by a combination of watching her under saddle and her obvious physical issues, it is clear as day that someone spent a lot of time training and, more than likely, competing her.

This mare was seen by a lot of people at one point in her life, and now it's up to us to find one of them! In an effort to spread the word, we have created a page for Faith. Please pass this link along to every horse person you know - someone out there knows this mare and where she came from! Help us find out who she was!



  1. Oh, my goodness! Faith looks WONDERFUL, Linus looks good after his operation, and Teddy is a doll ;o) Good luck on your quest to find out about Faith. She certainly deserves to "be known." I'm wondering if the reason her former owners won't talk about her is that she was once a BIG time showhorse that fell on hard times and was lucky enough to end up with you. I've said it before--you are doing a wonderful job with Faith and with all your other charges--and the kids, too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, Faith has come such a long way with you. She looks wonderful and so does Linus.

    I don't understand why Doug or Roger won't give you any of her past history? What are they trying to hide? I know people in Loudon, and will make some phone calls / emails and see if any of my friends may know anything about her, or if they can get some info from either of these guys.

  3. I have a guess, and I rather hope I'm wrong...

    Maybe she was reported as being dead for insurance purposes, or was originally supposed to go to auction? Both would explain why these two people want to protect themselves, especially if she *was* a big name show horse.

    Good luck.

    -Cyg and Gryph

  4. Is there any chance Faith originally came to NH as part of the Free State project?

  5. That is a great idea to see if you can find out anything on her past, might just try that with my Katie and see what happens