Friday, July 3, 2009

Linus is Back Home!

Our boy is back home! I went up with two of my students today to pick up Linus from the hospital. I spoke to Dr. Myhre and he said that Linus is doing really well and has been an excellent patient. The swelling was minimal and he is urinating normally. Dr. Myhre answered all of my questions and gave me directions for his recovery period. Linus was sent home with his notes and pictures that his staff took.

The letter reads as follows:

"Linus was presented to Myhre Equine Clinic on June 20, 2009 for penile amputation surgery. History included paraphimosis of the penis will associated swelling and abrasions. Preoperative blood work was within normal limits. Linus was started on a regimen of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. He will go home on these same medications. Linus was put under general anesthesia for the procedure. A urinary catheter was placed, the distal end of the penis was removed, and the incision was sutured with 3-0 vicryl. Linus recovered well from the anesthesia and urinated through the catheter immediately following surgery. He continued to urinated through the catheter. The urinary catheter was kept in place for two days. On July 2nd, the catheter was removed, there was minimal swelling at the surgery site and the penis was retracted normally into the sheath. Linus is currently receiving 11 tablets of SMZs orally twice daily and 1 gram bute twice daily. He has been a wonderful patient and very good to work with.


Medications: SMZ - 11 tablets orally twice daily for two weeks; Bute - 1 gram orally twice daily for one week.

Recheck: Please have Linus examined by Dr. George within one week to ensure that surgical site is healing properly.

Further Care and Monitoring: Please continue to monitor Linus for any increased swelling, discharge or difficulty urinating. If any problems occur, please call Dr. George or MEC immediately.

Thank you for bringing Linus to Myhre Equine Clinic. Do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.

Grant Myhre, DVM"

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Before surgery....

and after...


Since surgery took longer than planned, Linus's total bill was larger than we expected. The grand total was $2707.60, but Dr. Myhre was very generous and took off $500.00 as a donation towards our cause. He told me that he thought what we were doing for Linus was valiant and that, "it is nice to see someone willing to clean up someone else's mess for the sake of the health of an animal". Thank you Dr. Myhre for the compliment and helping us out!



  1. Glad to see that Linus is doing so well, and it was really nice of Dr Myhre to donate to Linus as well. Please continue posting about him and Faith, I look forward to the updates.

  2. Wow, he must be one of the most cooperative horses ever. What a gentle fellow. I hope 'things' continue to heal well without infection or discomfort for him.

  3. YAY! I'm sure Linus is happy to be home under your loving care (and I'll bet he's also looking for some ginger cookies!).
    How nice of your vet to contribute so generously to Linus' treatment. It's good to know that there are so many people with good hearts out there!

  4. i have been checking the site two or three times a day to see how linus is doing and to see when he was coming home. have had a rough couple weeks and some positive news is very welcome indeed. i just love him(and his face) and faith, too. god has a special place in his heart and home for horses like them; and a little shinier halo for people like you who can go the extra mile for horses that someone else threw away. hope they both have many more years to be loved.

  5. You have done a wonderful thing here for Linus and given him a fresh start for the rest of his life. My first horse, Rags, had this same surgery done at Rochester Equine for removal of a cancerous tumor. He returned to full health and was a "normal horse" - rideable, comfortable, healthy - for many years, well into his 20s.

  6. That has got to feel so much better for Linus. It's a wonderful thing you're doing for him.

  7. Glad to hear Linus did so well with the procedure. How's he getting along at home?

  8. My horse has just had this operation and it's great and a relief to hear all these positive comments. I'm pleased Linus did so well!