Sunday, July 12, 2009

Medical Update

Dr. George came out to check on our two rescues!

First up was Linus... The first comment out of Dr. George's mouth was that he was very impressed with how much better Linus looks all around! He was glad to see the weight he has put on and mentioned that he appears happy and content.

Dr. George checked on his surgical site and Linus was a very good boy about being handled. The sutures look good. Two of them broke, but didn't concern Dr. George. Just to check, we took a picture of it and emailed it to Dr. Myhre. He called back within twenty minutes and said that the lack of sutures in that particular area is fine because the granulated tissue is forming nicely. Overall, everything looks great!

If anyone is interested in seeing the photo we sent to Dr. Myhre of the surgical site, please feel free to email me!

Next was Faith... She has been having soreness in her right front knee and Dr. Barnes wanted a closer look to determine what the best course of treatment would be. Dr. George took five radiographs of her right knee and three of her left for comparison.

Dr. George taking one of the five radiographs of her knee. Doesn't Faith look just thrilled with this process? And sorry, Dr. G., for the butt shot!

Dr. George reviewing the radiographs in the barn aisle.

A CD of the radiographs was given to me and I have since passed them on to Dr. Barnes. I should have an answer from him when he gets into the office tomorrow!

And for all of you who have an interest in becoming a vet, (or are one!) let me know what you see wrong with these radiographs! If you want a full-size picture, shoot me an email!



  1. Arthritis? The xray looks quite normal, so I'm thinking it has to be in between the bones.

  2. It certainly doesn't show anything drastic going on there. If she wasn't a rescue and if she hadn't had so many "crashes" healthwise, I would shoot her some bute and give her gentle exercise. But you have managed her recovery so well and she seems to be thriving, that I'll leave these decisions to you and your remarkable vet.