Friday, November 13, 2009

What is YOUR contingency plan?

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update...

All of the horses, piglets, and other critters are doing wonderful. I, however, am not. I have the flu, and have been battling a fever of 102.5 for the past two days. It is finally starting to drop and I no longer think I am going to die. So much for my appointment to get the flu shot next week, huh?!

Which brings up a good question, or rather, a series of them. This can be answered by all animal owners, not just our horse friends that read this blog...

What is going to happen to your animals when you are no longer able to care for them? What is your contingency plan in the event you are no longer around? Where will they go? Who will be responsible for them? Would you consider euthanasia?

I'm curious what your thoughts on this delicate yet grossly important subject are. Comment below!



  1. Euthanasia is absolutely my contingency plan. We all know there are much worse things than death out there.

  2. Also so glad your feeling better and no longer thinking your gonna die.

  3. We do have a plan in place as something could come up at any moment. We downsized from 6 down to 4 horses recently...

    We have temporary places lined up for the two that we own, and one of the two that is boarded. The owner of the other that is boarded lives half a mile away, and is so easy to work with, she would find another place for him immediately.

    As for a permanent plan, if worse came to worse yes I would consider euthenazia as an option, even though my horses are healthy 6 and 8 year olds. I would sooner try to free lease out, or sell them, since they are young, totally sound, and safe riding horses.

    I would put them in the temporary place, until they were gone. The horses are at my moms, and should she have to leave suddenly, I would be able to care for them every day as well if it came down to it.

  4. Oh yeah, and hope you heal quickly. Seems like the flu is soooo bad this year. I am staying inside or away from public places as much as possible until it settles a bit. Glad you're feeling well enough to update, but please take it easy. Doesn't sound like fun at all!!

  5. I am well-insured and my heirs (my parents) know my wishes and assure me that my blind mare will be taken care of (boarded locally and well-attended to) for her natural life. The others are to be placed with friends in permanent homes, and if for some reason that cannot be they are to be euthanized. I will not risk them "circling the drain" and coming to a bad end. My dogs will stay with my best friend, and she knows this and will take good care of them.

  6. Hope that you are soon feling better!

    I too am keeping away from people, as I have already had one killer cold, and dont' want another one.

    My plan is for hubby to take care of the animals if I am sick. If I pass on, he keeps the dogs and finds a great new home for my horse. Sells off all my horse equipment. If he can't find a great home for my horse, then said horse is put to sleep.

  7. We own an OTTB named Denali who is 5. I'm young, but you never know. I sat my husband down and explained to him what I would like to happen if anything ever happens to me. He's not into horses and although he loves her he doesn't ride. I had asked for him to find her a show home with help from my trainer (my trainer also knows the plan, although she laughed at me) My hubby howevers said, "I could never sell or give away the one thing that you loved with almost all your heart." SO then we had the discussion of leasing and went over that with him. He knows what goes into caring for her. I'm lucky and have her at an amazing barn with an amazing care taker, so I'm not worried about her care. It is like a kid though, you need to plan for their future too!!

  8. Hi Julie,
    Sorry to hear that your not feeling well, I sure hope that Dan has fluffed up your pillows, waited on you and got you some warm milk ( he did it for VICTORIA) hope your all better soon.
    My contingency plan would depend on the situation and also the age of the animal. I no longer have a dog but when I last made my will I had BUFFY who was 15 at the time and my wish was to have her euthanized..Of course we animal lovers know that nobody can love them like we do.But honestly I think that the age and health of the animal should play a major role in one's decision...Thanks for bringing up a serious and very hard subject for a lot of people.


  9. I am fortunate that I have 2 minis and they are at my home and if anything happened to my husband and myself my daughter will get the house and barn and the 2 minis along with her horse... also she would get to have my little JRT....

    Hope that you are feeling better...

  10. Im not sure "if I cant have them, no one will" is the right decision.

    Granted, we want the best for our animals, but just like the parent of any child, you cant always keep them safe, no matter how much you try.

    I am just not sure that "kill them cuz you cant keep them" is any better than the meatmarket.

    Glad things are great around the farm!!!

  11. If I was to die suddenly my Best Friend has agreed to take over the care of Sam. If she couldn't look after him she would have him put to sleep. This is because Sam is only 10yo but already has degenerative joint diease in both front fetlocks, locking stifles in both back legs, the start of arthritis, shocking hooves. Who would buy a horse like that and look after it?

  12. IMO, the only way to make sure your wishes for the furry and feathered folks stand is to have an advanced directive, in writing, and held by someone like your attorney or executor to be acted on upon your death or incapacitating illness/injury. We even had an advanced directive of a different sort for the owners of the barn when we boarded, which laid out what they were to do if something happened to our mare and we weren't available (how much could be spent, what they were to do if the 'limit' was reached, etc.).

    I can't stress enough the importance of a written advanced directive laying out what your specific wishes are regarding your animals so that what you want done really happens. Life changes in a heartbeat. Having lost 1/3 of my family (head-on with semi), I've been there, done that. You may not be in any shape to take care of your animals for months or longer even if you survive something like an accident.

  13. Did Dan bring you a crate?? ;o)

    Seriously, I know how awful it is when you're so sick you feel like you're gonna die and THEN you're afraid you're gonna live. Drink plenty of fluids, wash your hands early and often, and save the hugs for later.

    Contingency plans are not static. Whatever you decide, keep the plans updated as your animals come and go and as their needs change.