Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the Road Again...

I have been exceptionally busy around here, hence the lack of new posts. Here's a very quick update:

Victoria is doing wonderful. We're still looking for a home for her - anyone looking for a friendly pet? She's adorable, but we can't keep her and don't want her to end up in someone's freezer. Email me at if you know someone who may be interested!

Faith is doing well but is stocking up a bit in her hind legs, so we're back to wrapping her every night again. She is growing a winter coat and is getting really fuzzy.

The Thoroughbred gelding (who still does not have a barn name!) is doing extremely well! He is a sweetheart and his personality is really opening up. I found a wonderful young lady who will be taking him over the winter to put mileage on for us. She likes project horses and loves off-track Thoroughbreds, so it's a win-win situation for all of us!

And finally, a few students of mine are travelling with me to Vermont tomorrow to pick up "Pet", the blind Appaloosa mare. I will have pictures and details for everyone on Monday!



  1. Hi There,
    Well first good-luck to finding a home for VICTORIA, and love to FAITH, as for the thoroughbred, with the white on his face, how about FLASH or THUNDER... And he's so big so how about, Rocky or RAMBO...And can't wait to see your updates on PET.

  2. Thanks again so much Julie for taking Pet for us. Pet is going to be so happy there...she's such a good mare and as you could see, it's hardly noticable that she's blind. We will miss her tons, but I am confident that she will have a great home here with you! I can't wait to see updates and pics on her! :)

  3. What about these as suggestions:
    Solomon (Sol)
    or my personal favourite:
    Brix (as in, big as a brick outhouse!!!)

    Good luck with finding Victoria a new family to live with; I'd have her if I wasn't on the other side of the world (Oz).

    Can't wait to see pics of Pet and good to hear Faith is chuffing along well, despite her legs.

  4. Great news! I'm happy for you!