Monday, November 9, 2009

The Journey to New Hampshire

Yesterday, Pet made made the journey in New Hampshire!

We arrived in Vermont shortly before 3pm and were greeted by Pet's family. They rode her for us, showed us her cues, and told us all about her history. It was amazing to see how much this family cared for her.

After all of the goodbyes were said, we loaded her into the trailer and headed East. We pulled into Derry by 6pm and and she quietly stepped off of the trailer. She sniffed the air and whinnied to a few horses, and then cautiously followed me up the driveway towards her paddock. I walked her around, showing her where the four corners were and where her food and water was located. She called for the other horses a few times, touched a few noses over the fence, and settled right in.

This morning, Pet met her new best friend. I brought Faith out to her paddock just a short while ago and turned her loose. Pet listened to her footsteps and nickered for her. When Faith nickered back, Pet followed her sound and cautiously walked towards her. The sniffed noses and let out a few mare squeals. A few minutes later, there were instant buddies...

Pet listening to Faith drink from the water tank...

And a cute picture for everyone to enjoy: Rosalie and Victoria snuggling together in the warm sunshine...

Have a great day!



  1. Pet is one of my new favorite horses now! <3


  2. You have GOT to write a book! Or TWO! You've got photos to go with them, and self-publishing would be a snap (photo joke there ;o)

    Seriously, whether the books are geared toward children or toward rescuing the severely neglected/abused horse, you have lots of "on-the-job" training and "seat-of-the-pants" experiences to share with others who are either in the same boat or considering taking on such projects.

  3. Great post! Gotta love it when horses make friends. Horses should be in groups, they need to touch each other. Glad Pet could find a friend so quickly.

  4. So glad Pet settled right in and became buddies with Faith! I knew she'd be fine, and I am just so happy for her, and for you guys too...thanks again so much.

  5. Julie, you truly are an animals angel. Pet looks so happy already in her new home.

  6. Modern day Black Beauty, that's what Faith is. Complete with equine and porcine supporting characters and a bevy of giggling girls for the chorus.

    And you get the 'happily ever after' part. :-) Good role, even if you have to work harder than anyone else!

  7. And Faith has a new job...Bless them both. Little piggies are adorable, aren't they?

  8. just some of my ideas, i think you should name the throughbred:
    Taladega (tally)
    Everest (<3)
    Domingo (Dom)

    PS: i really love Everest :D