Saturday, September 5, 2009

Join Us on Facebook!

After months of listening to my friends and students whine that I didn't have a Facebook account, I finally gave in and set one up a few days ago!

Feel free to friend request me by going to and searching "Julie Hersey". Look for my picture and send me a request!

Dan and I will be enjoying our time together tomorrow by going for an early morning mountain climb and then up to a local county fair.

I hope everyone has a relaxing, fun and safe holiday weekend!


  1. HAHA, My friends keep bugging me to get on Facebook but I am still a hold out on not joining.

  2. You need a page for the stable and/or for Faith, so people can become "fans" - great way to get the word about the amazing work you've done with her & Linus!

  3. I agree with the above, set up a Greenwood page and maybe a page for Linus and Faith. Keep yourself private for your friends and family!!