Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Fair Begins Tomorrow!

We spent an extremely long day today preparing for the upcoming weekend. The horses were schooled, bathed and clipped. Faith was good for her bath and looks like a million bucks!

We just received our numbers and Faith, with her new show name of "Rags to Riches", will be wearing back #219.

I am off to finish packing and prepping all of my stuff, now that all of my students are ready. I will keep everyone updated as to how the show goes. Keep your fingers crossed for us! :-) And please stop by to say "Hi! to us in Barn G!"



  1. Good luck in the show!! I know she'll do great!

    I haven't been on Blogger in a LONG time and I want to cry as I went through the older posts. I found your blog when you first got Faith and couldn't believe the shape she was in. I was so glad she got a good home and now look at her!!! she is GORGEOUS! Godbless all of you that helped her out!

  2. Faith is beautiful and how wonderful that she is back in business after nearly starving to death. She looks like she enjoys her life--even though you clip her ears. You know, even if she does not bring home a ribbon, Faith is a winner and she won you. You go, girl!!!