Friday, August 21, 2009

We Celebrate 200 Days with Faith

Two hundred days ago she was on the verge of death with little hope of survival. Two hundred days ago she had nearly given up hope. Two hundred days ago, I nearly did too...

Over the course of time, I have witnessed what I consider a miracle. What I saw was an animal determined to survive, refusing to give up, and driven to overcome her past. She was bent on proving everyone wrong, that she could rise above the immoralities that had been done to her. And she has.

Two hundred days later, I have amazing news to share...

Faith will be attending a horse show. Our Faith.

On Friday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 4th, she will be competing in the Walk & Trot Hunter Seat Equitation division at the Deerfield Fair. This show is one of the biggest open shows in our area and will be held at the fairgrounds in Deerfield, New Hampshire. Lucy will be showing her and has been practicing diligently to prepare for the event.

We are not going into this with any hopes of ribbons, trophies or prizes. We are going into this to prove that overcoming challenges is attainable, no matter how bad the situation may be.

Faith will be at the horse show all weekend, and we would love for people to come by and meet her in person. We are located at one end of Barn G, (think "G" for Greenwood) and will have our drapes and display set up for all to see, complete with flowers and pictures of our horses. Perhaps there may even be a picture on our wall of a dark bay mare with a story to tell...



  1. How exciting and I bet Faith is going to be feeling pretty special that day and give it her all to show everyone what she's made of. Mares may be cranky bet there all heart too! She's a Black Beauty Story wore that book out as a child and cried everytime I read it.

    "My troubles are all over, and I am at home; and often before I am quite awake, I fancy I am still in the orchard at Birtwick, standing with my friends under the apple trees."
    — Anna Sewell (Black Beauty)

  2. Is there anything new on Faith's past? Have you had any response from the dream horse page?

  3. How about: "Greenwood's Overcomer" for a show name? Or, have you decided on one?

    I have loved following this blog and the miracle of Faith's resurrection!

  4. that is wonderful! Even if she doesn't win blue, she has won a purple heart!

  5. The news is great about Faith being able to attend the horse show!

  6. whoo-hoo!

    and the show name will be...?

  7. I will most certainly stop by to see Faith and drop off some goodies for her! Best of luck, I know she will do great.

  8. "Two hundred days later, I have amazing news to share...

    Faith will be attending a horse show. Our Faith."

    These two lines gave me goosebumps... I'm SO happy for you and her! It's been amazing to watch her progress and it's helped to restore a little bit of my Faith (no pun intended) in humanity to see what you've done for her.

  9. Ok. Now i beg to go to the horse show when deerfeild fair finaly comes :D Lol. Iv ben dying to see this mare!