Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Little Piggies...

Little Gracie and Edwin

This past week has been stressful to say the least. I am both mentally and physically exhausted and desperately need a vacation.

Here is an update of what has happened over the past week:

Last Thursday night at five minutes til midnight I was awoken by the Derry Police saying that a horse had been hit by a car on Route 28 and they needed assistance. As I was heading downstairs to get the trailer hitched up, I noticed that Charlotte had a companion in the stall with her and that labor had obviously begun. I brought the horse back to our farm and Dr. George came to stitch him up. I never posted about it because of the next day's events, but eventually I will get around to sharing the story and posting pictures.

Friday... Well, Friday just sucked. Everyone knows what happened and I'm still heartbroken about it.

On Saturday, the transmission in my truck went.

Sunday we lost three of the piglets. We're not sure why, but oxygen deprivation seems to be the culprit. Piglets only have a 50/50 chance at survival when they are orphaned. We brought them into our house and put them in a basket under a heat lamp. For 12 hours through the night we tried to nurse them back to health but to no avail. We now have five left.

Deep breath...

Our remaining piglets are: Alex, Charlie, Duke, Edwin and Grace. Grace has a permanent home here and hopefully she will grow up to be just like her mom. Here are some pictures that will hopefully put a smile on everyone's face...






Charlie and Alex taking a snooze together under the heat lamp...

Miranda helping Alex nurse with Charlie in front of her and Grace climbing up her leg...



  1. Adorable! So sorry for the loss of the others. Keeping my fingers crossed that the reamining thrive.

  2. Those piglets are the CUTEST things that I have ever seen!!!

  3. Cuties. Good luck to you and your crew - may the piglets get so big and rambunctious that you start regretting it!

    Hope the horse is doing okay. Let us know!

  4. As far as I am concerned you are a saint.

  5. Met the piglets today. What cuties! Little Miss Grace has quite a bit of spunk. She will certainly keep you busy at the barn! What a silly girl, running laps!

  6. I love our little piggies! <333

  7. I hope the piglets are doing well!

  8. these piglets are very cute........