Thursday, August 6, 2009

If Charlotte had a seam...

...she would burst open at it!

Still no piglets! We are getting closer though. She has begun to nest and is becoming restless. And she is getting more and more talkative! Every time I go into her stall she grunts and oinks until I scratch her favorite spot behind her ears. She has bagged up pretty well but still hasn't secreted any milk, so we are still at least a few hours off. Hopefully I will have some good news in the morning!

The kids have finally decided upon a naming system. We're doing it alphabetically and have chosen both girl and boy names for each letter. They are: Abby or Alex, Bertha or Brett, Cindy or Charlie, Daisy or Duke, Elsie or Edwin, Fergie or Ferdinand, Grace or Garron, Hilda or Humphrey, Isabella or Ike, Josie or Jimmy, Kelly or Kent and Lucille or Lloyd.

Thanks for all of the comments and advice! Her stall is set up with a corner of it blocked off so the piglets have a safe place to lay so they won't get squished. There is a heat lamp set up and ready to go once our new arrivals finally decide to get here. It is right next to a heat and smoke detector, which is on the same alarm system as our house.

We will be up again checking in on her every hour tonight. I have the first shift at midnight...



  1. Lucky you Julie!I can't sleep... I am way to excited!! I want the red head =)... and my mom wants the one with the floppiest ears... and my sister wants the one named Abby!!JK... (but really i want the red head, to match me!! I will just hide it from my mom...somehow.) Anyways wish I was there to help...

  2. Forgot about the heat lamp, but it sounds like you've covered all the bases and are ready for piglets. Hope all goes well and Charlotte is a good mom.

  3. i bet they will be cute like her.

  4. Right on providing a place for the babies slightly away from mom. Personally, there is nothing sweeter than a newborn little pig. The kids will have so much fun watching them grow. What a great opportunity for everyone!