Saturday, June 27, 2009

Something Beautiful

Early this morning I was browsing through the pictures on this site, from top to bottom, all the way down to Faith's very first post. The regression shown in each group of pictures shocked me.

As strange as this may sound, of all people, it is the most difficult for me to judge her progress. I spend the largest amount of time with her, by far. But since I see her every day, it's hard for me to notice the changes she's making. Studying all of the old pictures, it's clear to see the progress she's made and how far she has come.

A few days ago, one of my students' fathers walked into the barn with a carrot in hand. He said that it was "for the rescued horse", but he didn't know where she was. I told him that Faith was in her stall, the second door on the left. He walked down the aisle, looked in at her, paused, and kept going. He checked every stall, and then headed back my way, again inquiring as to where she was. I led him to her and opened the door. His eyes widened as he scanned her body. "Wait a sec, that is Faith?" he stuttered. "She looks so... different. She looks so... good!"

Everything was stacked against her when she first arrived here, everything. Her body was in ruins, her muscles atrophied, her organs on the verge of failing, her spirit ready to quit. But she didn't. Every odd was against her, but she persevered and proved everyone wrong. She even proved me wrong.

The abscesses that once lined the insides of her legs have healed over and the hair has grown back in. The sores in her mouth are gone. You can no longer grab each individual rib on her. Heck, now you can barely even see them. Her spine and pelvis no longer jut out of her body; now they are covered by a layer of muscle and fat. The bald patches that covered her chest, abdomen and hips have all grown in. Her entire body is now covered by a shiny summer coat, a gorgeous, rich, deep mahogany color. The fire in her eyes is burning wilder than ever before.

She still has a bald spot on her face from where her halter cut into her nose. It used to really bother me, and I prayed that it would grow in, but now I've grown accustomed to the fact that it's just part of her. I think it gives her character. It is Faith's way of telling her own story. This may be what happened to me, but it didn't change who I am.

The first picture showed a sad-looking horse who hadn't felt love in a long time. But that is who Faith was. She is different now. This mare has transformed into something... beautiful.



  1. That photo is a beautiful photo of a beautiful horse. She has, indeed, come a very long way. From taking the first step through death's door to a healthy and happy horse.
    It has been an amazing journey and I thank you for sharing it on this blog.

  2. That picture of Faith is so cute! She looks so much better, sometimes when we walk into the barn we forget about how much she blends in and we look for the rescue horse that we saw the first day she came here. I can't believe she came this far, and we are so proud of her and how much she was fighting to live! From seeing Faith on the first day, she looked like she was so sad and that she needed to be loved, and now she is loved by everyone! She is spoiled rotten now and she is well enough to ride! WE ARE SO PROUD OF JULIE AND FAITH!

    love: Goose and Lambert! <333

  3. The transformation in Faith is truly amazing and heartwarming! She is beautiful, she always was... just it shows now.

    I am on a similar journey right now with a light bay TB gelding we rescued from the auction in Feb. He was not as bad off as Faith, but I was looking at older pictures yesterday and when we went ou to see him today I couldn't believe it! He has gained probably 100 lbs and now needs some muscle added. But I can barely see his ribs, whereas when we brought him home, that was all you could see, along with a deep depression and sadness.

    I am happy to say the sadness is gone and Jasper is very happy and relaxed now... loves his food!

    Great job you have done with Faith and now with Linus too. Bless you!


  4. Well, maybe it's a good thing she still has that mark from the halter...otherwise, people might not think she is the same horse! She is such a gorgeous girl - from the fire in her eyes to the cute droopy lower lip. :-) Thank you for giving her a little piece of heaven on earth.

  5. Hi Julie,
    I just got Faith's keychain. I love it! Thanks so much for the chance to be a part of her recovery - Linus' also!
    Will you be doing anything like this for Linus? I think it was a fantastic idea.
    I dont own a horse and dont really know much - ok... close to nothing.. about horses, but I love them. Beautiful creatures. Faith has shown what a little love and hard work can do to a "hopeless" cause.. She, and you, rock!

  6. This is such a wonderful story. Please visit my blog for inspiration! I have a horse that was against all odds! Look at Romeo's Story! Luanne

  7. i stumbled across faith's blog awhile ago and have been following her progress and linus also. her rehab is what rescue is all about; taking a throw-away and bringing her back to what she could have been before. i am sure that there are people out there who would not have "wasted" the time and money and heartache on her but you did. she is gorgeous and she knows it. i certainly hope the same result for linus. what a lesson for those children and adults that come to your barn to learn--the satisfaction that you brought life back into a rejected, dejected horse that still has so much to offer. thank you for the time and effort to post this. cannnot wait to see where they both go from here.