Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back from the Horse Show!

Faith's boyfriend "Robbie" winning the Beginner's Pleasure Championship title!

We had a fantastic show this weekend! We won a few classes and all of the horses were very well behaved. Dan and I just finished unloading the horses, cleaning out the trailer, and feeding everyone their dinner. It was a long weekend, and even though it's only 6:30pm, I'm ready for bed!

=> Tomorrow is the big day: I will be ready to announce Faith's fundraiser in tomorrow's post! It is pretty cool, if I do say so myself! :-)

=> Faith is doing great! It appears that she has adjusted to her new shoes over the weekend and looks sound. I will get some pictures of her in the morning so you can all see the amazing progress she has made!

=> Linus has settled into the farm really well and has been nothing but a total sweetheart for us. He is trying so hard to be trusting, but it is quite obvious that he was mistreated in the past. I'm hoping more hands-on time with help with his head-shyness and trust issues.

=> The more time I spend with him, the more blemishes I find. He has scars all over his body. His face, neck, chest, barrel, hindquarters, legs, etc are just riddled with scars and fairly-fresh wounds. Thankfully none need medical attention, but they certainly don't look pleasant. Regardless of how they happened, it's heartbreaking to think that he had to endure this. Poor, sweet, old man...

=> He is still having problems with "the organ", and it is looking more and more likely that amputation will be the next step. More on that tomorrow as well.

OK I'm off to a hot shower and bed!




  1. Congratulations on a happy show.
    Good to hear that Faith is continuing to improve.
    Linus will come along w/time and loving handling.

  2. Ditto on the congrats for a successful show.

    My first horse had a penile amputation as he had developed a tumor (skin cancer) on his penis. He was a paint horse and had pink skin in that area. The surgery went well and he was able to function normally (other than an unfortunate habit of peeing on his front legs) and was rideable after his recovery.

    It seems like both Linus & Faith have found a wonderful home!

  3. Awww! Goose looks so cute on Robbie! Good job you too!

    ~Lambert! <33

  4. Yay Lucy Goosey and Robbie!!!! I wish I was there to see you guys!!!<3333333

  5. That was a great show, one of the best!
    I hope Faith can be shown some time! :/