Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The vet just left and the verdict is that Faith tore her round ligament in her left hip. It is a condition that will never repair itself, however blood clots that could be formed in her joint would be making it worse right now.

Dr. Barnes suggests giving her until the beginning of next week to see if there are improvements. He does not believe she is in pain right now, just trying to readjust to the way she now moves. She will still remain on stall rest with Banamine twice a day.

If we do see improvements, there's hope that she can become pasture sound again. If not, then next week will be a very difficult one. Please keep your fingers crossed.

And thank you all, once again, for your amazing support!



  1. Bless her old heart...she has been through so much, I hope and pray she can pull through this ordeal. But, she is undoubtably in good hands, and I know you will make the right decisions for her. Keeping my fingers crossed....come on Faith!


  2. You and Faith are in my prayers at this difficult cross road in her life. You have done so much for her so far to give her back a wonderful life. I know that where ever this cross road now leads you both, that you will have her best interests first and foremost.

  3. You're both in my prayers and I'm sending lots of e-hugs from Oz.

  4. Good luck! You are in my thoughts for sure! Keep Faith's happiness in mind... In life, we have so many obstacles layed out ahead of time for us to overcome. This might be one, or it just might be a taste of one. Be wise and I know she will be very well cared for.

  5. Echoing the sentiments expressed here. You are a good steward, and Faith has had a wonderful year with you. She is loved and that is the finest gift you and your students could give you. And look at what she has given you in return. Cyber hugs and prayers.