Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking on the Bright Side

I hate to say this, and I fear that I may jinx myself, but here goes: Faith is making improvements. I was ready to make the dreaded decision, but my vet said, "Just wait, Julie. Give her a week." And for the first time ever, I doubted him. Thankfully, I followed that instruction.

Since she went down on Friday night, her left hind leg was rotating way more than it should (due to the stretched/torn/broken ligament in her joint) and because of that, she was constantly rotating her hind end towards the right side.

I pulled her out of her stall an hour ago to clean and rebed it, and I didn't believe it - she was almost standing straight. Her hip still rotates more than it should when she walks, but she seems at least 80% more comfortable and coordinated.

Don't get too excited though, she still has a long way to go. But if she can hold in there a few more days to see if her hip continues to improve, then maybe - just maybe - she can be comfortable for a while longer.

Just when I was almost ready to say my goodbyes, this old lady proves that's it's not her time just yet...

Now onto a fun update!

Remember Jag, the Thoroughbred gelding I took in last January? Well he is doing wonderful in his rehabilitation and is in search of a new home! Just in case you didn't remember him, this is what he looked like in December:

And here he is today:

If you know of anyone looking for a wonderful family horse, please send them his way! You can always reach us at!


  1. Glad to hear Faith is making improvements. Jag is beautiful! Thanks for giving him a second chance.

  2. Great news on Faith and Jag! Excellent rehab job, kudos to you and his foster family!

  3. Excellent news about Faith! As several of your commenters said, she will let you know, and you, being the smart cookie you are ;o), will listen and do as she asks. As for Jag, he looks AMAZING! Even a bit of a tummy on him ;o)

    I do hope you are keeping this blog archived and plan to write a children's book about Faith and about Jag and your other rescues (I'm thinking about the pigs ;o) Cyber hugs to Faith, Jag and you and your hard workers from me and my OTTB.

  4. Excellent! She is such a toughie! Great job with Jag, he's a cutie! Keep up the good work, as always!

  5. Oh wonderful (tentative) news about our dear old Faith; she is such a fighter.

    Jag looks wonderful and supremely happy now he's looking and no doubt feeling so much better.

    Well done to you all!!

  6. Hi JULIE,
    I was gone for 4 days and just checked in on Faith, was glad that she is holding her own, I know that it is one day at a time and things could change but we are all hoping for the best and keeping you both in our prayers.
    Boy what a beauty Jag turned out to be, all he needed was love and care. I love the picture where the sun is on him and the dust under his feet, hope you find him a great home.

  7. Sounds very positive. Keeps my faith more stronger.