Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Little Piggy Is Not Going to the Market...

Victoria is doing so well that she is now back outside with her family! She has pulled through will amazing determination and Dan and I still cannot believe that she recovered.

Here are some pictures of the pig crew!

Victoria and her mom "Sophie"... (who is looking for another pumpkin from me. That pig just loves pumpkins!)

Rosalie, Emmett and Victoria... Notice how small Victoria is compared to her brother and sister. And yes, they are named after Twilight characters. And no, it was not my idea. Remember...the vast majority of my students are pre-teens and teens!

Sophie keeping a close watch of her babies...

Rosalie's face... How adorable is she?! She is a great piglet too - very personable, easy going and cute as a button. She is quite content to fall asleep in your arms.

Most of the "pig crew"... Charlotte's babies Gracie and Charlie are on the far left, Victoria is in my arms, and Sophie is... Well, it's pretty obvious where she is, isn't it?!

We are looking for someone to adopt Victoria to keep as a pet and/or for breeding when the time comes. We just do not want her to end up in someone's freezer! If you know of anyone, please let us know!



  1. They are just toooo cute! I love piggies, wish I could have one for a pet, but can't.

  2. Adorable! Nothing sweeter than a little baby pig. I had pigs when I was a teen and loved it!!

  3. Seriously right off the cuteness scale!!!!

    Also love piggies, damn it! just seriously cute to the N th degree

    Well done you (again, again)

  4. I would love to have a piggie of my own, and Victoria is sooooo cute. BUT I will be in an apartment for the next few years, no place for a pig. (Not to mention I'm pretty far away from you.) Good luck finding her a home.

  5. wish I were closer, I have four little piggies now, I would love to add her to my clan.

  6. is victoria still available or did you find a home?

  7. Yes she is! Send me an email at GreenwoodStables@aol.com :-)