Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taking the Bad with the Good

Dan woke me up yesterday morning. He walked over to the window in our room and drew up the shades. I groggily asked what he was doing and his response was, "I want you to see this for yourself." I secretly prayed it was a new car waiting outside for me, but what I saw wasn't nearly as exciting. Actually, it was quite depressing.

It was SNOW. On October 16th. What the hell?!

Snow is a four-letter word.

I unhappily got up, did chores around here and headed to the shop to work. The flurries ended a few hours later, but the ground was too warm for anything to stick. Thank God.

The good news... is that's all the bad news I have for today :-)

Faith is doing much better. We have gone back to crushing and disolving her meds, then squirting them into the back of her mouth. It's quicker, easier and she is now not quite as grouchy about it. She seems comfortable and is moving fine.

Rosie is also doing great. Two days of a compression wrap and anti-inflamatories and she is moving comfortably again. I still have no sympathy for her, though... :-)

And then there's our little Miss Victoria. She has been living in a dog crate in our living room for the past few days, being bottlefed milk every few hours. I have to say, I honestly believe this piglet is a superhero. She came back from being very sick twice; we almost lost her both times. It was heartbreaking to see - she was so weak she couldn't stand and would cry everytime you tried to move her. But with daily Vitamin B12, heat and a lot of love, she has since regained her strength. Yesterday, she was feeling so good, she was bouncing off of the crate walls for fun. I opened the door, let her out and she meandered all around our house, sniffing and oinking at everything in sight.

Shortly after, she began playing with one of our dog's toys. It's a stuffed cow, with hideously huge eyes, and it "moo's" when you squeeze it. She carried that around the house proudly, much to my dog's dismay. Then, as if she owned the place, she carried her new cow friend over the the dog's bed, climed up, and took a nap next to Molly...

The crew seems to be doing better. I will keep everyone informed as to how things are progressing with them!

There is more to come shortly... I will respond to the hundreds of comments and emails I received in a future post; am working on redesigning the header on the blog with a better picture of Faith; and will have another funny "caption this" photo for everyone.

Have a great day!



  1. Love the picture of Victoria and Molly ;o) Glad to hear everyone is doing better, too. I wouldn't have any sympathy for Rosie, either.

    And SNOW!! We're having some 90 degree days here again (after "fleece weather" last weekend), but the frost is definitely on the pumpkin, which means this is my favorite time of year. I love fall because of the air and the colors--and because the climate change nuts are quiet ;o)

  2. The picture of Molly and Victoria is too cute for words. That little piggy sure is getting the love and attention she needs.

  3. that is the cutest thing ever!!! If only she would stay that small she could live in your house :)

  4. I agree Snow is an evil word! Victoria and Molly are way to cute.

  5. You had me holding my breath until I read the "bad news" was snow. I'm glad all your 4-leeged ones are on the mend.

  6. Snow in October is illegal. Why won't the cops do something about it? ;)

  7. LOL about snow in October being illegal - so true! Glad the girls are doing better and that picture of Molly and Victoria is sooo adorable!